Sermon for Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 6, 2015- Resurrection of our Lord- Pastor Kate Costa

“Just one more chapter, please!”  My dad read us stories at bedtime, long after we were past the age that most parents read goodnight stories to their little ones.  I remember even in middle school begging for just one more page, one more chapter, one more exciting tale to keep us up long after we should have had sugar plums dancing in our heads.  Whether it was the Box Car Children or Nancy Drew or Harry Potter, we had to know more.  And as an adult I’ve been known to stay up late with a good novel, saying to myself, “Just one more chapter, and that’s it.  One more!”  Do you ever get that feeling? Or maybe for you it’s watching the Big Bang Theory or House of Cards?  Now you don’t even have to press the button- Amazon gives you “one more chapter” automatically and you’re hooked for another 45 minutes!

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New Bible Study on Acts

will begin on Thursday, Jan. 22 at Noon.  Please join us- bagged lunches are welcome!  For preparation, please read the first chapter and the introduction to Acts in a study Bible.

The Acts of the Apostles is an action-packed account of the early church.  As you read, watch for the work of the Holy Spirit- deeds of power, fiery preaching, generous giving, and amazing prison breaks.  And, don’t be surprised if you find the Holy Spirit at work in your own life!

A month of gratitude…

Giving thanks is an essential discipleship practice.

It’s easy to get caught up in our every day lives.  There are always tasks to be done, things to be fixed, groceries to be picked up, cars to be washed.  And yet, one of our most essential tasks as a Christian is pause each day to give thanks.

This month, we will take an intentional time to learn more about giving thanks to God.  In worship, we’ll hear stories of from the Bible about giving thanks- two weeks of “cautionary tales” and two examples of how to do it right.
And in your everyday life, I encourage you to find a way to give thanks to God every day.  Maybe it’s in a prayer journal, listing a new thing you give thanks for each day.  Maybe it’s on Facebook, lifting up something you are grateful to God for so that your friends and family can give thanks with you.  Maybe it’s in your morning devotions, beginning with thanks to God rather than a request or lament.
Giving thanks is a holy discipline.  As we say in the Eucharistic prayer, “It is indeed right and salutary that we should at all times and in all places give thanks to you O God.”  How can you begin, today?
Come, let us walk together in worship.
Pastor Kate Costa
Readings for Sunday:

Join us for Christmas Eve

Come celebrate the Bright Star of Bethlehem this Christmas Eve!

Join us for Christmas Eve Services at St. Luke Lutheran Church


5pm Family-Friendly Service based around the nativity

8pm Service of Lessons and Carols

Both services will have familiar Christmas carols and candlelight.

All are welcome!  Questions?  Check our FAQ or our Join Us page.

Holy Week at St. Luke Lutheran Church

  • Palm Sunday, March 24: 10am Worship.  Gather in the Social Hall for our procession with palms through the parking lot (or building, if it is raining).   Please try to arrive a bit early so that we can begin our worship on time. We will then hear the reading of the passion from many voices.
  • Maundy Thursday, March 28: 7pm Service of Holy Communion.  The service will conclude with the stripping of the altar as we journey to the cross.
  • Good Friday, March 29: 5pm Service in the Park Our children are invited to join Little Fork Episcopal Church at Yowell Meadow Park for a “Way of the Cross” for families.  An interactive dialog will lead us through the park and follow Jesus’ last hours.  More details to come about this exciting opportunity.
    Good Friday, March 29: 7pm Service at St. Luke A service of Tenebrae (light and darkness).  The story of the Passion of Christ will be interspersed with verses of hymns.
  • Easter Sunday, March 31: 8:30am  Breakfast, 10am Service of Holy Communion.

Breakfast for the Homeless in DC

This past weekend 17 St. Lukers traveled to Washington DC to serve breakfast to those in need.  We served 138 meals, plus seconds!  This project is organized by Community Family Life Services and is held at First Trinity Lutheran Church in DC.

Click below to check out pictures of the great work done in the name of Jesus.

Reformation Sunday October 28, 2012

On Reformation Sunday, St. Luke’s welcomed the following new members into our congregation; Patricia Bowman, Melinda Franklin, Marvin James, Tricia Hall, Nathan Holliday and Ryan Sullivan.