New Bible Study on Acts

will begin on Thursday, Jan. 22 at Noon.  Please join us- bagged lunches are welcome!  For preparation, please read the first chapter and the introduction to Acts in a study Bible.

The Acts of the Apostles is an action-packed account of the early church.  As you read, watch for the work of the Holy Spirit- deeds of power, fiery preaching, generous giving, and amazing prison breaks.  And, don’t be surprised if you find the Holy Spirit at work in your own life!

Pentecost Sunday, 2012

We read in the Book of Acts that at Pentecost, Jews from every corner of the known world were gathered together, and they all heard in their own languages the disciples speaking of the good news of Jesus!  They could all understand!

This Sunday, during our worship service at 10am, we will have a special reading in many languages to celebrate this event.  We will also be confirming  one of our high school students in her faith in Christ through Affirmation of Baptism.    Please join us!

Readings for Sunday