Ministers: All the people of St. Luke Lutheran Church

Vice Pastor: Carol Knisely

Council Members 2018:

  • Rachel Reno, President
  • Kelly Kern, Vice President
  • Tricia Hall, Secretary
  • Scott Fortino
  • Judy Gore
  • Victoria Newsom
  • Rae Pilgrim
  • Alice Stumpf
  • Dwain Vealey
  • Ruth Brown, Treasurer (nominated by Council)



  • Les Davis
  • John Gore
  • Arline Brown

Former Council Members and Pastors

Musical Leadership:

Doray Walker joined our team in August of 2014 as the Director of Music and Choir.  Doray comes from a rich background of church music and leadership, having served congregations in Roanoke, Fincastle, and Culpeper.  She holds a Bachelor in Music Education and in Music Therapy and a Master in Music Education from Shenandoah University.  Doray also works as the Choir Director for Culpeper County High School.  She is married to Jeff, and together they are busy raising two teenage sons, Jeremiah and Joshua.

Mary Frances Phillips serves as our organist and pianist.  Baptized at St. Luke Lutheran Church, she learned the piano as a child, and later studied organ and voice.  Mary Frances lives on her family’s farm, near her children and grandchildren, and is an avid gardener, tennis player, bridge player, and practitioner of yoga.

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