Inclement Weather Policy

For St. Luke Lutheran Church

We are a worshipping community and our goal is to hold worship and all other events at the regularly scheduled time.  However, circumstances will arise when it is unwise to do so.  In those cases, please use the guidelines below.

During the week:

-It is the discretion of the committee chair or person responsible to determine if the event will be held  and make reasonable efforts to notify the participants.  Please contact that person to see if your event will be held.

-If the power is out at the church, all events will be cancelled and the pastor will inform the person responsible for the event.

-If Culpeper County Schools are closed due to inclement weather, the church office will also be closed.

On Sunday:

-The pastor and council president will confer together to determine if worship can be held.

-In the rare case that worship needs to be canceled, we will make every effort to do so by 8am and inform the congregation.

-The council president or pastor will leave a message on the church’s voicemail.  You can call the church office at (540) 825- 8358 to see if there is a special message.

-The pastor will send an email to the congregation to inform them that services will be canceled.

-If possible, the pastor or webmaster will also put up a message on the church’s homepage,

In all cases, please use your discretion to decide if it is safe for you to leave your home and travel to church.

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