Mark your Calendars! Join us for a Lutheran Revival on Oct. 5!

Revive! Refresh! Rejoice! A Lutheran Revival will be on Sunday Oct. 5, 2-6:30pm @ Our Saviour Lutheran Church in Warrenton.  Every year, this awesome faith formation event for our conference gets better!  This year’s theme is God’s People in Partnership.  Registration is at 2pm, excellent workshops at 2:30pm, delicious meal at 4pm, and Spirit-filled Worship at 5pm.  Mark your calendar now- you won’t want to miss it!
A bit about our preacher for the day:
Rev. Leila Ortiz is a doctoral candidate at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and Associate Pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Gaithersburg, MD.

She has a passion for Protestant Latino/a Liberation theologies in the United States and is especially interested in those she calls Latino/a “Luthercostals” (Pentecostals who have come to the Lutheran church and merge their experience with Lutheran theology). Leila claims that, “When Latino/as come to the Lutheran church from another tradition, they tend to make it their own and find a sense of belonging within the tradition, theology, and liturgy. This appropriation does not erase their formation. Instead, faith traditions merge and the Spirit brings about something fresh, new, and exciting. This in turn, gives a bright new flavor to the tradition already in place.” Leila is eager for us, as the Lutheran church, to be enlivened by the “bright new flavor” the Spirit is calling us to engage as the body of Christ.

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